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Calling All Travel Enthusiasts

Are you a budding travel blogger looking to establish a name for yourself in the world of travel storytelling? Join our community of dedicated travelers and let your voice be heard while you travel the world. Our mission is simple: we want to deliver you true travel experiences that are stunningly uncomplicated.

Look no further! We’re excited to announce an incredible opportunity to be featured as a traveler on our website, NRI Travelogue, and our Twitter and YouTube channels.

  • Experience the Unseen

Are you curious about the hidden treasures across the globe? So are we! Our major objective is to overlook gems in unique destinations. 

  • Rediscover the Essence of Travel

Travel is more than a checklist; it’s about embracing cultures, forging bonds, and gaining authentic experiences. We are your go-to that helps you rediscover the heart of travel with ease. 

  • Share the Untold Stories

Each and every location has a plethora of stories to tell. This can take into account its history, customs, and hidden meanings. With our featured travelers option, you can share various untold travel stories and inspire people.  

The Process

If you wish to be a part of our featured traveler’s group, then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  • Share Your Odyssey

Send us your most cherished travel narratives, captivating photographs, and enthralling videos through direct messages.

  • Artistry in Curation

Our skilled team will meticulously curate and refine your content, ensuring it shines like a gem, and then publish it on our website. 

  • Visual Symphony

Not only blogging, but we also take a step towards visuals. We’ll transform your adventures into a video featuring on our YouTube channel. 

  • Twitter Spotlight

Your travel story will take center stage on our Twitter feed, inspiring people across the globe.

Why Share Your Travel Story With NRI Travelogue?

  • Reach a Wider Audience

With NRI Travelogue, you may share your travel stories with individuals from all around the world. Your articles will be noticed by travel enthusiasts all around the world thanks to a large number of readers and active users.

  • Boost Your Reputation

Get highly recognized as a travel expert. Our expert team will portray your story in the best possible light, allowing you to take advantage of new prospects in the travel sector.

  • Build Connections

Connect with other travelers who like adventure as much as you do. Our website is a buzzing space where like-minded people may connect and work together.

Drop a mail at and delve deeper into the adventure by submitting your travel stories today!