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Welcome to NRI Travelogue, your complete guide to traveling in Europe with tips on things to do, costs, ways to save, transportation, accommodation, and more!

10 Essential Czech Republic Travel Tips for Your Vacation

The Czech Republic is blissfully nestled in Central Europe. It is surrounded by economically robust countries like Germany, Poland and

NRI Travelogue NRI Travelogue

Explore the Unexplored – 10 Best Places to Visit in Slovakia

Imagine a country with eight UNESCO World Heritage sites! It is also a highly developed country in the European Union.

NRI Travelogue NRI Travelogue

Mesmerizing Portugal:10 Best Places to Visit in Portugal

The vacation season is around the corner.When everybody is busy making travel plans, why are you still puzzled? Well, consider

NRI Travelogue NRI Travelogue
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